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CBD by Dose - how much CBD should I take



There's a great deal of confusion on how much CBD to take.

The various brands don't help much!


They have different bottle sizes and CBD concentrations.

Classic. Complete. 6x. Hemp oil. CBD isolate. Full Spectrum.


Milliliter or ounces. Really?


Are we still fighting that fight?


Don't even get us started on the droppers.


5 drops. 15 drops. A full squeeze.


It's frustrating.


Let's unravel this whole questions of how much to take and then look at specific health issues.


Of course, we'll have a handy CBD dosage chart!


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CBD Dosage Guide

Let's first get a lay of the land.


What are we after?


We want to get a certain milligram of CBD.


That's the goal!


We'll determine how many mg's of CBD we want but first, the basic mechanics of CBD measurement.


We'll use CBD oil tinctures first since that's the most popular by far.


Here are the aspects we want to know to figure out our CBD oil dose:

  • Total amount of CBD in bottle
  • Total amount of CBD per dropper


That's it!


We don't really care how much volume of liquid is in the bottle.


Some brands will show milliliters while others will show ounces.


CBD ounce versus mililiter


30 ml is approximately 1 ounce.


Of course, it has to be off a bit.  No fair being easy.


10 ml is approx .33 ounces.


Again, the total bottle size usually affects pricing (more volume, less cost per mg).


That's just a "bulk" CBD discount.

The most popular for longer-term use is 300ml and higher.


Take a look at our CBD price comparison here to see the difference between brand and bottle size.

The brands can even have different concentrations of CBD per milliliter of liquid.


Thanks for that!


Again, we can forget all of that (except in how it affects pricing) for calculation dose.

  • We want TOTAL CBD in bottle
  • Total CBD per dropper


SO...how do we figure that out?

Total CBD Per Bottle

This is usually pretty interesting.


Most brands will list it right on the bottle.


For example, you might see "1500" or "2500 CBD" on the bottle of ingredients.


Some brands make you work for it.


They'll give CBD per serving and a total number of servings.


You just need to multiply those.

For example, 20 servings at 50 mg each is 1000 mg of CBD!

Just a head's up...be wary of brands that don't specifically say mg of CBD!


For example, they may say 1000 mg of hemp oil.


That's not the same thing.

There's going to be a lot of junk hitting the market with the CBD rush.


They may try to sell this as better because it's "full-spectrum" or such but we want a specified amount of C.B.D.


Otherwise, how do we compare?


We can't!


There can be benefits to full-spectrum (if you don't have histamine issues...that's about 40% of the population) but our primary goal based on research is CBD now.


If you can't find the total amount of CBD, email us the product and we'll track it down for you!


So that's the total amount in the bottle.

What about the dropper?

Total Amount Of CBD In The Dropper

This is usually more straight forward.


There's typically 1 ml of liquid in a dropper.


how much cbd in one dropper


Total liquid...not CBD!


To figure out the amount of CBD, we have to do a little math (which seems ridiculous to us).

  • Take the total amount of CBD in the bottle (mg)
  • Total amount of liquid in the bottle (ml)


Divide #1 by #3. This assumes the standard dropper size of 1ml.


For example...

  • We have a bottle with 2500mg of CBD total.
  • The bottle has 100 ml of total liquid
  • 2500 divided by 100 = 25
  • Each dropper should have 25 mg of CBD (assuming 1 dropper is 1 ml of liquid).


So...we have 25mg of CBD in a full dropper (usually).


what is standard dose of CBD


What do we do with that now?

How To Calculate Your CBD Dosage

Before we get into the range of CBD doses by health ailment, let's consider a few basic considerations first.


The ideal amount of CBD will be affected by:

  • A person's weight
  • A person's chemistry and genetics
  • The health issue a person is addressing
  • A person's sensitivity (histamine, stomach, etc)


Let's look at each of these in detail.


Keep in mind that we want to test smaller doses of CBD and see how our body responds.


We also want to take the cleanest CBD available which we screened for on this website with the major brands.


The safety profile is key and it HAS to be verified by a 3rd party lab.


CBD dose by weight with weight chart


Weight is probably the biggest factor with CBD doses.


A general rule of thumb is 1-5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.


Here's a chart (but work with your body and needs):

Chemistry and Genetics with CBD dose


This is more a question of how the CBD makes you feel.


We're all different!



That may sound like we're randomly throwing letters together but these genes and chemistries differences affect millions of Americans in significant ways.


Most can be assisted with simple supplementation (methyl folate, methyl b12, B6, dao, etc).


The last one is really important.



  • Do you have negative effects (congestion, reactions, etc) from beer, chocolate, fermented foods, cheese, of other foods, etc??
  • Do botanicals send you itching or uncomfortable for relief?
  • Do you have Benadryl on speed dial


Welcomed to approximately 40% of the population.


That's your DAO and CBD comes from hemp oil...which ultimately comes from a plant!


Clean CBD isolate in this situation might be better.


It might not be the dosage that causing irritation but the full-spectrum CBD product.


Check out our best of CBD comparison for isolate options in that case.


Health Issues and CBD dosage


We'll get into that below but there's a difference in dosage between general wellbeing and helping with psychosis or cancer.


Both of which show lots of promise for CBD!


We'll get into that below by health issue.


Is there's a generally accepted typical dose of CBD?

What Is The Standard CBD Dose

The standard does for CBD is 25mg.


what is standard dose of CBD


This can depend on weight of course, but 25mg is a typical recommendation by the companies and people in the know for CBD.


This can differ greatly depending on what you are dealing with.


You can definitely ask your doctor but they may give you a blank stare unless they're a naturopath or osteopath.


Don't worry...they'll be taking CBD a few years out.


Is there too much of a good thing with CBD?

How Much CBD Is Too Much?

If the range of CBD doses typically runs 15mg-300mg, what's the max?


Let's go to research for this.

Researchers have tested up to 1500mg doses on people with extreme health issues.


The safety profile for this CBD dosage was still strong.


Now, we still need more research at those levels for long periods of time but it gives a hint as to where the limits might be.


This brings up a good question.

Can You Overdose On CBD

There is no known reported case of a person overdosing on CBD.


This is intriguing in itself.


You can overdose on water with enough of it!


Obviously, there is some limit of CBD but that hasn't been documented yet.


Let's not find out ourselves, please.

Does Dose Affect CBD Safety

The safety profile of CBD does not show much variation based on the dose from the research.


Check out the CBD safety page.


15mg tends to have a similar safety profile to 300 or even 600 mgs of CBD.

The recommendation is to start low, test with your body and chemistry, and then increase gradually.


But increase to what level?


That depends on what you're trying to do.


Let's look at CBD by health care needs.

CBD Does By Health Need

This is a partial list of uses for CBD and the list seems to grow over time as new research comes in.


This points to CBD's effect on a system-wide network called the endocannabinoid system.


You can learn more about how CBD works or see the list of articles by illness here.


Otherwise, let's look at some basic guidelines.

Again, we're all different so start low and work your way up.

Find what works for you.


Best dosage for cbd - how much should I take


Definitely consult your doctor as some medications have been shown to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors (the points where CBD does its thing).


Let's look at some common questions on CBD dose by issue.

CBD Dose For Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common uses for CBD.


You can read up on how it works here with anxiety but a few points in terms of dosage for that need.

Anxiety is one of the better test subjects for CBD in that you can tell right away!


It doesn't take weeks (although CBD is thought to build over time!)

  • For general maintenance, 15-25mg is a standard CBD dose for anxiety.
  • For more acute issues, treatment up to 300-600mg have been used in research.


This is typically administered via CBD oil.


Many people find immediate relief for spot uses (before a speech, flight, date!!!) from the CBD vape.


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You can check out the best values for either here:

CBD Dose For Cancer

Cancer is obviously on our more serious list.


Make sure to work with your Oncologist with CBD.


CBD has shown remarkable promise in killing cancer (also preventing the environment that cancer needs to start and thrive) but also for the many side effects of cancer treatment.

Which can be brutal!!


A standard approach is to start at the typical 25mg dosage but ramp up as quickly as your body gives you the green light to.

500-600mg is a large dose and intermittent use might be advisable.


Test with your body to see how you feel.


Many people swear by its effects on nausea, loss of appetite, pain, insomnia from cancer treatment.

You can check our research on CBD and cancer here.


We love the new research on PTSD!


We love the results actually.


PTSD manifests itself across many other symptoms:

  • Loss of sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Substance abuse
  • Mood fluctuations


All of these issues have seen great promise in the research for PTSD and CBD.


Depending on the severity, a standard protocol would be to start at 25mg and ramp up quickly to get relief.



The CBD oil is maintenance and the CBD vape (vaporizer is safer for lungs) could be on standby for quick deployment.

Learn all about CBD for PTSD here.


You can research the best values for both here:


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CBD Dose For Sleep

This is a common use of CBD.




Either restlessness to full-blown insomnia.

Interestingly, CBD is not a sedative!


Learn all about CBD and sleep here.


CBD dosage for sleep parameters:

  • Start at 15-25mgs for basic maintenance
  • Increase accordingly, up to 300-400 mg


Some people actually feel alert from CBD so it might be good to use it in the morning when you awake.


If anything...test it first during the day.


This helps to reset the circadian clock around light exposure.

There are hormones critical to sleep that get out of balance.

  • CBD is thought to help regulate the endocrine system which governs these hormones.
  • Furthermore, CBD works well against the impediments to sleep (pain, anxiety, etc).
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Check out the best of screened product list for sleep here:

For other health issues and specific dosage, check out our map page of articles here.

Does Ideal CBD Dosage Change Over Time

Yes, it can.

Interestingly, the body doesn't "normalize" to CBD like to habit forming drugs.


For example, many sleep aids or pain meds will lose their effectiveness as the body adjusts to their presence.


With illegal drugs, that's the "chasing the high" effect.


CBD is not habit-forming. It does not "normalize".

You do not have to keep upping the dosage to get the same effect.


In some cases, you may be able to reduce the dosage as your symptoms subside and the underlying system reaches homeostasis or balance (thought to be the main role of the endocannabinoid system which CBD interacts with).

CBD By Weight Chart

What Is A High Dose Of CBD

The highest studied in research is 1500mg!


This is generally for extremely severe issues such as terminal cancer where other treatments have not worked.

  • A high dose is generally 300mg per day.
  • 600 mg per day is a very high dose.