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How does CBD work for seniors
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It’s an interesting sight.

We went into a CBD shop (yes, they exist now and they’re coming to a neighborhood near you).


A man in his 60’s came in with a group of friends.


He was the ringleader.


He knew all about CBD and he was basically chaperoning his friends to the dance.


The CBD dance!


They were laughing and carrying on.


You could tell that some of them still have a misconception that CBD was somehow tied to THC products or “Marijuana” as it’s colloquially called.


  • CBD does not produce the high effect and is not psychoactive so they’ll be disappointed if that’s what they expected.
  • CBD does, however, appear to have many benefits for seniors.


Or perennials as the name changes for a good 3rd of the population.

We’ll say seniors but the new “senior” might walk and talk very differently based on what research is showing for CBD.


Let’s look at how CBD might benefit Seniors.


Of course, make sure to read the FDA statement at the bottom of the page.


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Otherwise, let’s look at CBD for seniors, health, and longevity here:


Lots to cover.


There’s new research coming all the time now.

We’ll add the results as they come in but the preliminary data has been amazing!

Quick Intro To CBD For Seniors

Let’s start with a bit of housekeeping with CBD.

Questions we get often from seniors and the elderly (we really want to switch out those words but until that changes…)


Answers to common questions seniors have on CBD:

  • CBD is legal in all 50 States
  • All the brands reviewed here meet the requirement of under .3% THC
  • CBD’s safety profile is solid (more detail here)
  • CBD is not psychoactive
  • CBD is not habit-forming
  • There has never been a reported instance of over-dosing on CBD


These are the questions that typically come up.

It’s always advisable to run any new regiment with your doctor.


Keep in mind that medications can have interactions with almost any substance.


For more detail on CBD in general, check out:

Beginners Guide to CBD
How does CBD work


Let’s get to the information that’s specific to seniors and the elderly.

Best Ways For Seniors To Take CBD

There are 4 basic ways to take CBD:

  • Tincture (drops)
  • Balms (applied to skin)
  • Edibles (gummies, etc)
  • Vape (inhaled)
Best way to take CBD for seniors

The most popular ways for seniors are the Tincture and Balms.


We expect the edibles to take off quickly.

For seniors, it’s generally a question of what they’re using the CBD for?

  • If it’s localized pain or skin-related (arthritis, knees, psoriasis, etc), the topical is very popular.
  • For system or general health issues, the tinctures are the most popular route for seniors.


Some things to keep in mind.


If you have stomach irritability (rare but possible), the balms or even patches might work best.

Keep in mind that many seniors report side effects with full-spectrum which go away with CBD Isolate.

Especially gastrointestinal issues.


Also, check out the whole histamine question and isolate versus full spectrum here.


If you have questions, please forward those by email.

CBD Dosages For Seniors

Dosage is also dependent on why a senior might be taking CBD.


We have an entire article on CBD dosages tips and tricks.


Here’s a quick guide:


Best dosage for cbd - how much should I take as a senior


Our rule of thumb based on personal and professional experience…


Start low and work your way up.


Generally, a 20-30 mg dosage per day is a good place to start.

All the brands have different concentrations…it’s confusing!


Here’s a little more detail:


Tips and guidelines for CBD dosage


Maybe begin with 20-30 mg to start and ramp up after a few days.

The most common dosage is 25mg.


Some more serious issues might merit going up higher.


The study on psychosis was using 300 – 600 mg doses!


It was also very impressive in results but clearly the more serious situation dictated the dose.


Topical balms and roll-ons are less dosage-dependent since it’s applied to the skin.

Best CBD For Seniors And Elderly

You can actually access all the brands from our CBD brand and product page.


For seniors, depending on what your using it for, a few brands stand out.


Best CBD oil tincture


For CBD tinctures for Seniors (drops under the tongue or swallowed):


This really depends on full-spectrum versus CBD Isolate.


The CBD products page has a price comparison grid for the best values!


Best CBD balm


For CBD balms for Seniors:

  • IndigoNaturals has a clean scent and good price per mg of CBD
  • Endoca CBD Balm is the most popular since it’s unscented.
  • PharmaExtracts has a good valued balm with a tiger balm effect.


You can see comparisons for edibles and vapes on the CBD screened product page here:


Buy CBD online

We want to stick with the biggest and best brands to make sure we have top level CBD quality and safety.


That’s our first consideration since CBD is still a market in extreme FLUX!


Again, you can check out the brands and prices here.

Hemp Oil Or CBD For Seniors

Many seniors ask a common (and good) question:

What’s the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?


They’re similar but not the same.


We want to make sure the brand states how much actual CBD is in the product.

Watch out for companies stating “200 mg of hemp oil”. 


That may only be 20 mgs of CBD.


That’s why we researched the amount of CBD in all the screened products here.


Hemp oil may be full spectrum which means it has a small amount of some other things found in the hemp plant (other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, etc).


We have a full article on the full spectrum versus CBD Isolate (by itself) debate here.


CBD, by law, has to be derived from hemp in order to be legal in all 50 States.


CBD may be processed down to just pure CBD (called isolate) or it may have the other potentially good things in with it (Full Spectrum).


What should seniors go with?


This really comes down to histamine response (do you get allergies?).

Right now, it feels like marketing dogma more than actual benefits studied in the lab!


If you have a sensitive system, isolate CBD might be a better place to start.


Let’s get into what research is telling us about different health topics close to senior’s hearts (including the heart!)

CBD For Senior Inflammation

In many ways, inflammation is the root of all Senior evils!


In fact, we started with inflammation because it affects all the other items down the list.


So…what does research show there?


A lot!


In fact, it’s one of our favorite results!


A quick recap of a specific CBD mechanism in the gut:

  • CBD nudges the immune system from a T1 to a T2 setting
  • CBD helps the gut lining pass toxins out to be disposed of


This is huge!

The T1 to T2 switch basically says that CBD tells an overactive immune system to stand down.


The repercussions of this is to affect most modern diseases that seniors deal with.


Get your complete guide to CBD and inflammation in the body here.


We’ll speak to this below.

CBD For Senior Pain

Let’s first talk about the big issue for seniors.

Chronic pain.


This was the precursor to the terrible opioid epidemic which hit seniors as hard as any other group.


This could be the result of injury, illness, or just the aches and pains of aging!


What does the research say about CBD?


We have an entire article on CBD and pain with lots of research here but some quick snippets!


As a teaser, here’s an interesting piece here at the NIH with much more to surely follow:

Numerous randomized clinical trials have demonstrated safety and efficacy for Sativex in central and peripheral neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer pain. 



An example (of many) that matter to seniors:

in which cannabinoids proved to be 10-fold more potent than morphine in wide dynamic range neurons mediating pain (Martin et al 1996).

It’s great that CBD may help with chronic pain without the complications of NSAIDs and opioids but many seniors are already on those.


CBD shows promise to help them get off as well!!

CBD For Senior Dementia And Alzheimer’s


Let’s talk about the boogie man as we get older.


Dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Let’s go back to inflammation!!


An amazing study looked at inflammation in the brain.

The net effect was this…they used sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to bring down system-wide inflammation in animal models.


Even though the clusters of amyloidal plaques didn’t go away, the symptoms (behavior and physical effects) subsided!


This is amazing.

This study points to the theory that the diseases are really one more way our overworked immune system is attacking us (instead of bacteria and foreign entities).


In the brain, it manifests itself as dementia.

This study shows that cannabinoids (family CBD belongs to and let’s be honest, is matriarch) showed signs of reducing the plaques themselves:



Keep in mind that we’re only STARTING to study how CBD and cannabinoids work in the body.

Get ready for a slew of new research.

CBD For Senior Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are two common issues for seniors (unfortunately).


This is probably where we’re most excited about CBD’s potential.


It’s actually where the “ah-ha” moments started for CBD and cannabinoids in general (aside from the whole epilepsy small miracle deal).


Here’s the NIH article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4604171/


It’s a lengthy (and wordy) summary of many studies but the net net…

Overall, existing preclinical evidence strongly supports the potential of CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders.


I have personally seen the effect in my family but that’s anecdotal.


Stick with the data.


As for depression and other mental health issues, more here:



Some bullet points:

  • CBD can also increase adult hippocampal neurogenesis, as first demonstrated by Wolf et al. [71].
  • Other CBD effects, such as anti-compulsive, increased extinction, and impaired reconsolidation of aversive memories


If making new neurons and connections is on your Senior’s list, we may be able to check that one off!


Very exciting times to be getting older!


We have lots more research and detail here for CBD and Anxiety and CBD and Depression.

CBD For Senior Heart Health

Here’s something you won’t hear in the press.


That plaque being deposit in the arteries and heart…


You know…the stuff that’s the target for Billions in statins sold each year.


Some scientists decided to really scan it at a molecular level.


Guess what they found.

Did the fat come from your liver or other mammals (as in meat)?



It exhibited the DNA signature of bacteria created fat.



This is groundbreaking and has been confirmed since.

We have been attacking cholesterol (which is the primary food for the brain) at the potential harm to muscles (which the heart happens to be).


There’s another piece that’s relevant to CBD.


The theory is that the lipids (fats) are waste products from bacteria in the mouth and throughout the system.


These lipids can pass the blood barrier in the blood supply.

How do you think the body would react to the presence of bacteria in the blood supply?


As it always does…especially if it is overworked and at DEFCON 4!


Inflammation and attack!

It appears that the arterial lining may be the result of inflammation and immune response!

You need the inflammation to complete the process.


CBD, as we mentioned above, has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.


There are other ways CBD affects this system positively.


There are now dozens of papers on various effects of CBD and the cardiovascular system.


Just check out CBD and blood pressure here to start.

CBD For Senior Sexual Health

Good segue from heart health for seniors.


Keep in mind that many of the heart medications given in spades to seniors are vasodilators.


They expand the arteries and veins of the cardiovascular system.

In fact, they stumbled on Viagra for erectile dysfunction as a side result to it’s use as a cardiovascular drug.


That class of drugs are vasodilators.


Like CBD!


But without some of the really nasty side effects, they can have.


There’s even a new CBD product for women.


Obviously, women are more complex and nuanced when it comes to sexual health.


CBD affects female sexuality by first having positive effects on anxiety and depression.

The system that fires up for anxiety basically turns off the female sex drive system in the body.


This makes sense.


Addressing these two dampeners of sex drive in women goes a long way towards the goal of healthy sex drive in seniors.


Couple this with the hormone regulating aspect of CBD (endocrine system) and the new products use as a lubricant (for pain, inflammation, and sensitivity), and we’re making good ground.


There’s an amazing overview of CBD for sexual health here.

CBD For Senior Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the things that trend with age.


Not what we want!


CBD has important effects on this system but here are some key factors.


First, it appears to decrease overall diabetes in a given population at a summary level.

We now report that CBD treatment significantly reduces the incidence of diabetes in NOD mice from an incidence of 86% in non-treated control mice to an incidence of 30% in CBD-treated mice.



Remember when we said inflammation is the enemy of all seniors??

If we have inflammation turned up to 11 across the body, the immune system loses it’s ability to distinguish “us” from “them” (bacteria, viruses, foreign entities, etc).


It starts attacking various parts of the body (joints, organs, neurons, etc).


A current area of study is how this occurs in the kidneys.


Specifically, the islet cells that make insulin.

By reducing the level of cytokines (body’s first responders to outside intruders) below an all out war threshold, the immune system is less likely to attack its own body!


CBD has also shown promise for the corresponding neuropathy (helps to grow new neurons with increased NDNF), obesity (helps to regulate hormones tied to hunger), and related skin issues and repair.


We have a whole page on diabetes and CBD. Rightly so!

CBD For Senior Sleep

We saved some of the best for last.


Sleep is usually why seniors try CBD to begin with.

It’s probably the most disrupted process as we get older.


With huge consequences.


You can learn all about Sleep and Cbd here but let’s look at the points relevant to seniors.


A whole series of changes conspire against our sleep as we get older.

  • Melatonin naturally drops off (with important consequences beyond sleep!)
  • Hormones are not as well balanced
  • Perimenopause and Menopause can play havoc on sleep qualify
  • Our absorption of Magnesium, B complex vitamins and other ESSENTIAL nutrients drop!

An entire system in the body was just discovered that basically takes the trash out.


It removes all the debris and waste from just making energy and doing cellular work.

Guess when it works?


When we sleep!


This is hugely critical to the brain.


So…what about CBD and sleep?


CBD as an isolate has many benefits for sleep:

  • Helps to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Helps to balance hormones that govern sleep
  • Helps to reduce inflammation that can result in pain and discomfort
  • Aids in the removal of toxins from the body


Again, this is where we hear the most feedback from seniors… the quality of sleep.


Again, this may be THE reason that seniors take to CBD by the millions.

Check out our CBD and Sleep article for more.

CBD For Longevity

We all want to live longer and BETTER!

CBD shows the most promise here and we expect it be everywhere in a matter of years due to it’s safety profile.


The current thought is that aging is a result of:

  • Chronic inflammation deteriorating systems in the body
  • Hormonal cues that initiate genes to basically start the process of shutting down (melatonin!!!)
  • Process of mitochondria (power packs of our cells) deterioration and genetic errors
  • Reduced absorption of basic nutrients over time (resulting from mitochondria above)


There are lots of things we can do here.


CBD is definitely part of the mix:

  • We already addressed its powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
  • We talked about the detoxing ability to remove waste across the intestinal lining
  • We mentioned it’s effects on balancing hormones (don’t get us started on estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone effects IF bio-identical!)
  • We talked about CBD’s effect on neurogenesis (making new neurons and expanded neuronal connections!)


What about CBD’s effect on mitochondria, the little power plants of our cells?  Learn more here.


Right now, they’re researching CBD for specific issues.


Longevity is really the culmination of all those specific issues as we get older!


We expect much more research to build towards this lofty goal of living longer and better.


For now, CBD looks like an integral tool to help us get there!

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