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How CBD Works  -  Our story with CBD


Our story on how CBD changed our lives

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention


In 2017, that tired saying was a little too close to home.


Our home.


Personally, our family was rolling along. Everything was fine.


Married for 15 years (happily) with two sons age 14 and 16.


Knock on wood…everything was good!


You know with a setup like that…the turn is right around the corner.


And it was.


How we stumbled onto CBD personally would lead to the creation of www.howCBDworks.net, never-ending labor of love born out of hardship.

The First Shoe To Drop

My wife had been a rock for the 18 years that I’ve known her.


A rock!

  • Started her own successful business.
  • Intricately involved in both boy’s school (PTO, teacher’s aide, Art Docent, etc)
  • Funny, Smart, and she puts up with me (no small task)
  • She even came up with No Screens for Ice Cream, a school program that has since expanded.


A rock.


Around Feb of 2017, everything went haywire.


Perimenopause walloped her!


I could go on for a few pages with the details but a quick summary:

  • Started with multiple ER visits and panic attacks
  • Racing heart day and night, spiking blood pressure, anxiety, etc
  • Followed by a slew of bad doctors and worst medications
  • Terrible side effects from the medication – (ummm…no sleep for 3 straight days)


This went on for months!!!


Finally, after about 5 doctors, we started to find one who actually wanted to help her address the root cause and not just prescribe more medications.


It took a full year.

People we knew thought she had Cancer.


We just disappeared. Barely keeping things together.


While all this was happening…

The Other Shoe To Drop (Thank God We Only Have 2 Feet)

During this whole process, my older son started to have pretty intense anxiety.


It was Freshman/Sophomore year of high school and while juggling my wife’s situation, he was not doing well.

This wasn’t “I’m nervous about school or social situations”.


This was something I had never seen before. So intense that it would lead to depersonalization.


A constant, pressing wave of negative thoughts that was unbearable.


Of course, the doctors prescribe the usual benzo suspects…Xanax, Ativan, and Valium.

Never mind that Xanax is sweeping the school as the newest drug trend.


When an up and coming rapper takes the name Little Xan, I think we can say the next epidemic is here!


So…where does CBD come into play with all this?

CBD Hits The Scene

My friend had told me about CBD almost a year prior to all of this.


I didn’t pay much attention.


I had never been a user of pot and I associated the two together.

Again, until you hit a wall, you don’t always think about health issues.



The one thing we had to learn the hard way from my wife’s situation is that you have to be your own advocate in today’s healthcare world.


The doctors are either ignorant, overworked, or set in their ways.


Not all…but many.


Some of the response we got from wife’s perimenopause:

  • A few doctors didn’t even take it into consideration (really, female, age 47 with total mood shift)
  • Her OBGyn recommended a full hysterectomy!
  • The best heart doctor in the area told her she’d be on heart/BP meds for life and just get over it.
  • The ER doctor misprescribed anti-nausea med with another one which literally sent her into a psychotic break.


On and on and on.


We had to scramble because I was losing her.

We learned everything we could about hormones, perimenopause, neurotransmitters, gene variations such as MTHFR and COMT, supplements, nutrition, and eventually….finally…CBD.


Our pantry is a killing fields of supplements, balms, and elixirs that didn’t work.


The good news…we made it.


It was brutal but we made it.


CBD has been incredibly helpful for both my wife and son.

  • For my wife, it was hormones and CBD.
  • For my son…it’s been CBD!

“Dad, I Had No Idea”

For my son’s anxiety, CBD has been nothing short of transformative.


Again, we had tried everything else.

  • Multiple doctors
  • A range of anti-anxiety medications (some with really bad side effect; oh and that pesky addiction thing)
  • Meditation
  • Therapy
  • Theanine, B Complex, 5HTP, and multiple various supplements


CBD was life-changing for him.


One day, he was talking about it after the fact.

He said, “Dad, I had no idea how much energy I was spending just keeping the negative thoughts away”.


As a dad, your heart breaks a little to hear that your child went through that but then you’re equally grateful it’s over.




When you get a gift like that, you have to act on it.

You feel like an evangelist…taking the message to the mount.


Other people suffering need to know!

  • We researched CBD extensively from there.
  • We studied the research papers to make sure it wasn’t just a new fad.
  • We studied the companies and brands since there’s such a wide array of good and bad options there.
  • We studied chemistry, science, and anecdotal alchemy of CBD
  • We studied the plant from growing to extracting CBD.
  • We partnered with a veritable Guru of CBD cultivation and extraction (started at age 13)
  • We learned of the importance of 3rd party testing and safety
  • We compared, ordered, and then provided a platform for reviewing CBD products
  • Then we took everything we learned (and are learning) and created howCBDworks.net


A place where people who are new to the world of CBD can learn and buy with confidence.


So…for all those people still in their February of 2017 moment, just know this.


With perseverance, you will get to where my family is now.


There’s a lot of suffering out there…we see it daily.

If we can bring down that suffering by educating people on the benefits and SAFETY of CBD, maybe we’re even from getting our family back.


Let us know your CBD stories here! We’ll add them anonymously to the site to help other people learn.


Pass it on!

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